What are ALL of the Dangers Of Hypertension

Hey there, it’s Coach Garey. We’re going to talk a little bit more about the blood, just some astounding facts to keep it real about how amazing we are as human beings.

The complex systems that allow us to live our lives is just amazing. All right, rolling. If you took the red blood cells from one person, and you stacked them up on top of each other, just guess, take a wild guess at how far that stack would rise from the earth. Well, the answer is, let me ask you this. Is it 10,000 miles? Is it 20,000 miles? Is it 30,000 miles? In fact, it’s 31,000 miles. That’s how many red blood cells if were to stack them. So there’s a lot of red blood cells inside of us, and it takes up a big volume of who we are. Now, the next question is the rate of loss of blood cells. The amazing thing is every second of the day, we are losing 3 million red blood cells, which would be a disaster if our bone marrow wasn’t introducing 3 million new blood cells every second. So there’s that balance equation again. The loss and the destruction of cells that have worn out and the creation and the rebirth of new cells to keep us alive. This brings us back to why blood flow measurement is so important. It’s actually vital. And it provides us a window to look into how we’re doing as human beings as we age. So we have this vitality level. If you put it on a graph, we’re growing, we go through childhood, adolescence, we reach adulthood. Mentally we’re actually an adult and completely mature by age 25 and then there’s a plateau for a while and then there’s starting a decrease in the level of function and efficiency of our bodies. And that is a regular, I guess, a bell shaped curve that is just part of the natural process of things. The good news is that our bodies are totally amazing doing phenomenal things that we could never consider that we’re capable of. And we have this built-in it’s part of the system. We don’t really have to think about it. The thing we do have to think about is the fact that the bad news is that about 495,000 people each year, about the half-million mark, are dying from high blood pressure as being either the primary or a contributing factor to a person’s demise. So that’s a big number, and it may reveal that the medical system and the medications that are being dispensed for this disease may not be doing the job and there are maybe some other parts of life that we can look at.

First of all, we’re going to just list, we’re going to list in order some of the dangers that hypertension presents.

And some of these are going to be apparent to you and others of them may be less well known. So the one thing is it can lead to memory loss. Not having sufficient blood flow and having blood flow constricted in any way can lead to memory loss. It can also lead to loss of sight. Yes, you have blood vessels in the retina of your eyes, and those blood vessels, if they become damaged, can lead to blindness. Clots in the neck lead to ischemic stroke. That’s preventing the blood from reaching the brain and how long is the brain going to last without sufficient blood? Not very long. An enlarged heart is part of hypertension in that the heart is actually having to work even harder because it has to push harder to get the blood to pass through because of obstruction in the arteries. This is a surprising one. Kidney failure is due to high blood pressure. So think about it. Our kidneys are actually part of our detox system, and we think of urination as being the end result of the function of the kidneys, but without proper blood flow to the kidneys, that becomes one of the results of high blood pressure. Aneurysms, this is probably the easiest one to understand that if the arteries are being pressurized to an extent that they become weakened and the arteries actually start forming little pockets of ballooning type material where the blood is pulling because the artery wall has become so weak and that it starts filling like a balloon. Of course, that balloon can burst, and then you’re in cardiac arrest. Atherosclerosis is the blockages, the buildup of cholesterol and the oxidizing of the cholesterol, the LDL cholesterol in the arteries can lead to blockages. You’ve heard of bypass surgery and triple bypass and quadruple bypass. That generally is one of the results of hypertension. And this may be also surprising to you, but maybe not, sexual dysfunction for both men and women can be a result of hypertension where you’re not getting enough blood to that area of your body.

That’s just the short list of the many things that can go wrong if hypertension is not caught in time and treated properly, and we’ll get into the treatments in just a second.

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