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I am treading on the edge here. Using a word like “Curative.” Apparently, the powers that be believe only pharmaceutical drugs are “curative.” Unfortunately, while they can be life-saving, invasive drugs can have damaging side effects. Sometimes, necessary but if you have time, other avenues may be available to you.

Alternatives like meditation, prayer, quality nutrition, placebo, or anything that is not physiological cannot be curative. At least that is the current stance. I beg to differ on this note: in holistic treatments, considering the trillions of chemical and physiological transactions that happen every second within our vehicles (our bodies that transport us around), anything is possible. Or rather nothing is impossible. We have to remove those concepts from our belief systems. Yes belief systems. Our minds are so powerful and the habits we imprint and reinforce drive most of our results. We can change chemical transactions by breathing deeper. We can improve health by relaxation and learning to relieve chronic stress. These are mind states that can change physiology without pills. 

Now, when it comes to supplements, they are shortcuts to better health. Supplements are not the be all and end all. I’d like to refer you back to the Father of Medicine, Hippocrates, who is known for this statement: “Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine thy food.” I know Hippocrates lived in ancient Greece and did not speak the King’s English but it sounds more authoritative when we use thy instead of your! Not sure why!

Supplements are shortcuts to get our bodies and organs, our cells, the material and nutrition necessary for health. Real Food instead of Junk Food. I know you may have heard me say this or read it somewhere, but Junk Food is not a real thing. Junk is not food and food, if it’s real food is not junk. Never the twain shall meet. So don’t kid yourself that junk food is okay because its not. At some point we have to put our foot in the ground and make a stand for what we believe in and what we are willing to tolerate. 

For example, if you buy a clunker off the used car lot, it’s 15 years old and has 239,000 miles on it, you will not think to put in premium gasoline. However, if you buy a brand new Ferrari for $65,000, you would think twice about Not putting premium gasoline in that baby. Same is true for your body. You are the $6 million dollar bionic man. By definition, this machine, this device we tootle around in has a chemistry and a biology that is worthy of premium, high quality nutrition. It’s important not run this body you own and are responsible for on yo-yos. Or Krispy Kreme donuts. Better to ensure you use super high quality nutrition which is the fuel for your body. 

This is where our supplements come in. We start with a high potency Omega-3 fish oil, among other high value multivitamins and other needed specific heart-centric and functional supplements. 

Today, I’ll invite you to listen to Terry, a long-time client of  ours. He allowed me to record our telephone conversation. He’s be on one of my protocols, The Omega-3 Protocol, that provides 3 variations of Omega-3s that accomplishes several synergistic purposes. 
Read More about Omega-3 Protocol here and listen to our conversation. 

Listen to 3 minutes of Terry’s story of Omega-3 Protocol

True Omega-3®

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The 15-seconds-a-day-could-save-your-life Protocol! Yes, swallowing a few supplements a couple times a day does not impinge on your schedule. As long as you have 15 seconds to spare, morning and evening then please keep reading.
Okay, let’s be honest here. You’ve heard that Omega-3 Fish Oil is good for heart health.
In fact, the United States Government, the Center for Disease Control, the National Institute of Health, WebMD, the Mayo Clinic, the American Heart Association and every medical University across the land says “Omega-3 Fatty Acids” are “essential” for human health. “But fatty doesn’t sound very good. And acid? Maybe I’ll pass.”
Fats do wonderful things for your body, like enable your brain to work. Acid sounds corrosive but its not like that. Do you put lemon in your tea? Vitamin C is also known as ascorbic acid…the secret is a balance between alkalinity and acidity. 

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Take care of these 4 Quadrants and Stay Healthy!
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