Please watch this video and then read my few words. 

You have enormous if not unlimited power and potential to create, to heal, to change reality by the thoughts you think, the feelings you generate, the actions you take, all of which govern, the results you achieve. 

Every gene in your genome, controls the production of proteins that become just about anything you need it to be. The equation is not one gene to produce one protein, as previously thought. It’s one gene has at least 3,000 variations and possibilities to produce an enormous amount of potentialities. This means every one of your genes, isn’t just an on or off switch but it’s a whole array of various colors and strengths of intensities more like a wild Christmas display of lights that your neighbor spends on bringing the Winter’s night to life. It’s an expenditure of energy. 

So it is with our health. The potential for extreme health or disease is within out grasp. Before this gets out of hand, let me simplify. 

Thoughts lead to feelings. Feelings lead to actions. Actions produce results. 

Let’s give this idea some landing gear. 

You just finished a day’s work. You are a little tired. You can go prone on the couch and watch a rerun of a show you’ve seen a dozen times, or you could think, “hey, maybe a walk through the neighborhood or the local park might be refreshing and invigorating.” Or you can veg out on the couch and be lulled into la la land. 

We always have choices. In the realm of health, certain actions produce better outcomes. A walk or a trip to the gym for a workout or a swim, could help to tone your body,work off some calories, refresh the mind. Watching a rerun of a show you’ve seen a thousand times, will produce what? A feeling that may feel more comfortable to you, requires no exertion, produces a dulling or numbing effect on the mind. 

A full 95% of our lives are produced from habits, be they good or bad. We memorize routines in order to not have to think or get uncomfortable. The 5% of our day may be engaged in conscious thought, but a lot of it is simply looking out for danger and ensuring our survival. It’s a challenge to our routines, to change things up once in awhile. But it’s good for us. If you establish a habit or creating a daily challenge for yourself then have the chance to grow, to change, to improve and achieve. Make a bold request. Be courageous in your communications with others, Defy self-contentedness and reach out and make a new connection. This is enriching behavior. 

The difference between junk and food: 

Junk is junk. Food is food. Can you tell the two apart? It is getting more difficult. 

Junk may also be called junk food, but really food is good for you and junk is not. If the contents of a packaged product has unpronounceable names, it’s junk. If it has more than five ingredients, it is probably junk. How many ingredients can you identify on a head of romaine lettuce? There is no list. Because it’s food. The more you become aware and make conscious choices about what you  put in your mouth, the healthier you will become. Our body and our immune system has code that dates back thousands of years and can distinguish on a gut level what is good and what isn’t. If you consume junk and your body cannot identify the substance, the body will treat it as a foreign invader and work to get rid of it. Hence, we are mostly in a state of chronic inflammation and putting our immune system into overdrive working on figuring out what to do with that ice cream that was on sale this week, or those yo yo’s that you decided may be okay since they were also on sale. 

Raising awareness in your conscious thought will go a long way toward better decisions, better emotions, better habits, better outcomes. 

We may appear as a dietary supplement company and it is true we sell supplements as an aid to better nutrition and outcomes, but the true reason for our existence and competitiveness is in our nature of establishing a well being practice. If you care to interact with the ideas presented here you can use the comment box below. Share any lessons you have learned in this regard and any experiences that could help others to win some better results. 

Thank you. 


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