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This video is a breathing exercise. At the very base level, this exercise can energize your body by bringing in more oxygen. Then after 30 breaths, you expel the lungs and cease to breathe for 1 – 2 minutes. This stimulates the vagus nerve to start changing chemicals. If you can do 3 or 4 rounds each morning, you will feel the difference. Wim Hof is called the Ice Man. He holds many Guinness World Records. I am doing this breathing technique each morning. Hey, it’s free. It’s only the time you need to consider. This takes me 11 – 15 minutes. It’s worth it. You might say, “What’s breathing got to do with health?” I say, “Everything.” Breathe is life sustaining. You can live a few weeks without food. A few days without water. But only a few minutes without breath. It’s an integral and vital part of nutrition. 

We provide a service sourcing and distributing high quality supplements. That’s what we do as a baseline. But health is not in a pill, tablet or capsule. Health resides in the body. It starts in the mind. You know full well, our thoughts and feelings can make us sick. If you get really emotional about a situation, it can knock you right out of the game. Isn’t that right? 

In the exact same regard, our thoughts and feelings can make us well. Did you ever think about that? Some call it placebo. Others call it voodoo. Call it whatever you like, here’s the scientific formula: Thoughts lead to feelings. Feelings lead to action or reaction. Actions lead to results. What if you are not getting the results you really want? What can you do? How about swinging back around and changing your thoughts? Here’s where it gets a little tricky. Thoughts arise from our beliefs. Many of those beliefs are subconscious. Some of those thoughts are negative. Some of your beliefs or my beliefs might be negative and limiting or even self-sabotaging. 

There are many ways to learn healing breathing techniques. I’ll share more of them another time. There are many tools and exercises to change beliefs that are “baggage” we brought with us from early childhood. Meditation is a tool. Neuro Linguistic programming is a tool. Hypnosis is a tool. Using these tools can change many aspects of life.I let go of 29 lbs of body fat reprogramming my subconscious.  More later. 

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