Change in True Omega-3 Softgels Are Now Enteric Coated

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Change in True Omega-3 Softgels Are Now Enteric Coated

There is no change in formula, it’s still 400mg of EPA and 300mg of DHA, however the capsules are now glazed with a food additive that allows for digestion lower in the GI tract. This is a benefit to anyone who has trouble with fish oil. But the real reason is that there is a shortage in manufacturing with the clear softgels. This issue is short term and we should have regular clear softgels back in stock within a few weeks!


Changes in Delivery Format
Ubiquinol Now Comes in a Green Capsule

Please note that we have had a recent formula change on Ubiquinol. The formula now comes in a dark green liquid capsule instead of a red softgel. The contents remain the same. 

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Change in True Omega-3 Softgels Are Now Enteric Coated 7

What is Ubiquinol?

Ubiquinol (“you-bik-win-all”) and Ubiquinone (aka conventional CoQ10) are vitamin-like substances produced naturally in the body. They are two forms of the same vital nutrient (Co-Enzyme Q10 or CoQ10), but they function differently within the body.





Why Ubiquinol

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Your body runs on cellular energy. As part of the process of creating cellular energy, Ubiquinone must first be converted to Ubiquinol. Transforming Ubiquinone to Ubiquinol  helps your heart and other vital organs function at optimal levels. However, as you age, it becomes more difficult and less efficient for your body to perform this conversion. That’s why many adults over the age of 40 choose to take a daily supplement made with Kaneka Ubiquinol™.

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Kaneka Ubiquinol™ Supplement is the form of CoQ10 that your body can immediately use. Ubiquinol is a natural form of Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) that is important for energy production in the heart and the organs of older Americans. It helps to reduce fatigue and muscle pain, while supporting cognitive health. Ubiquinol has also been proven to help regulate blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and triglyceride levels. In addition, it promotes healthy skin and bones and supports the immune system to help combat illness. All of these factors make ubiquinol essential for overall wellbeing for older Americans as they age.

Kaneka Ubiquinol form of CoQ10 is the pre-converted, advanced form of CoQ10. This means it’s ready for your body to use without any conversion – something that’s especially important for older adults or those with health conditions that may have difficulty converting conventional CoQ10 to Ubiquinol.

Kaneka Ubiquinol is the only Ubiquinol that is produced in the United States. 

Best in health, 

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