Cancer Prevention: An Interview with Lisa Jackson

Lisa Jackon is a mentor to me:

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This is her interview on Cancer Prevention

I am passionate about inspiring wellness and my mission is to help you take back your health and discover your own innate power to heal from within. Like you, I’ve had multiple careers and juggled multiple roles in my life, from a Registered Nurse to successful corporate business development and sales roles, business owner and entrepreneur.

 I’ve been a full time working mother, part time working mother and a stay at home mother and raised four adult children. I’ve coached many to navigate chronic debilitating illnesses from cancer and addictions and I intimately understand the challenges you face today managing parenting, marriage, challenging work environments and aging parents. These stresses can play a key role in aging and chronic disease and my goal is to inspire you through evidence based, effective transformational solutions.   Today, in my 50’s I feel younger and more vibrant than I did in my 30’s and 40’s and my goal is to help you look and feel your best too!  I am a retired Registered Nurse, a Certified Health Coach and a Registered Yoga Teacher.  I have a small exclusive private practice and love to speak and share my passion for health and wellness.  

My mission is to inspire, educate, and promote true wellness, not merely the absence of illness. To teach others the power to heal from within and to recognize that “dis-ease” is the body’s only way to communicate; it is time we learned how to listen.”

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