Only Read This If… You are interested in Better Results…

Only Read This If… You are interested in Better Results… I do a sort of a stream of consciousness article most weekends. It takes a day or two for the editors to format and make a thumbnail for the post on the blog. I cover several topics in each mailer and for God’s sake I […]

Are We Asking the Right Questions?

intermittent fasting

Are we asking the right questions?   Intermittent Fasting, Autophagy, Oral Health and Cardiovascular Disease: Key Takeaways: Atherosclerosis and How to Keep The Plumbing Clear Slowing progression and reversing the process My health story from ten years in India Sugar, Insulin Resistance and Fatty Liver Hiding sugar on Food Labels Omega-3s Help but Follow up […]

Story of the Virome

Key Takeaways: Updates about our website The story of the virome A Virus is just a piece of genetic code We are all supercomputers We are all getting older Free Brain/Memory Supplement – Will you help us to help yourself? Gut health Tip of the Week   Announcements from Garey Simmons and Optimal Health Bridge […]

How We Help

Optimal Health Bridge’s Commitment to helping kids in overseas countries. Garey speaks with Dr David Ajibade who runs Brain and Body Foundation to help kids with brain injuries and cerebral palsy. The importance of Omega-3 is highlighted.

Taking a Full Step – Full Stride Into What Life Has to Offer

Little Keys Can Change Your Outcomes Key takeaways: A change is mindset can create major shifts in outcomes Little keys unlock big doors of opportunity War is hell but prevention is better than cure. Chronic constipation and root causes Physiology changes perspective Smell the Jasmine Keep up immunity regimens Overstock sale on Heart Power Multi […]

Water, Dehydration & Float Therapy

Water, Dehydration & Float Therapy We are basically composed of a lot of carbon and few other earthy materials including minerals that are found in healthy soil. The miracle of life on this planet happens when water and carbon are mixed under the auspices of sunlight. Life becomes near spontaneous. Chemical reactions that seem improbable […]

Are You Breathing?… Yes? … Are You Breathing Properly?

Are You Breathing Properly

There are so many things we take for granted simply because our conscious minds and thoughts are of limited capacity. We are at the top of the heap in the mammal kingdom, yet we have to admit, we can’t do everything.  When we think of any one thing, it’s to the exclusion of almost everything […]

Macro vs Micro

  Introduction by Garey Simmons, CHC: Health philosophy is simply a lens through which we can make assessments about who we are, where we are and how well we are doing in relation to those around us. By our very being, we tend to regard ourselves as the center of everything, that is our nature […]

Prevention or Cure?

In western medicine, there is very little talk about prevention or instruction given on how to live a healthy life. When we say “health care” today we mean “sick care.” You never go to the doctor when you are feeling great. We only go when something is amiss. We have a 70 trillion cell superhuman […]

Microbiota and Microbiome – What’s the Difference?

Microbiota and Microbiome – What’s the Difference? These two words might seem like the same thing, but they are not. Simply put, the microbiota refers to the actual bacteria, fungi, and even viruses in your body, primarily in your gut but elsewhere as well, while the microbiome is the microbiota and the environment of the […]