What Are Peptides and Why Should I Care?

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Or How to Reverse Blood Glucose Problems     Peptides are building blocks. They are chains of amino acids. Ok! Great, what is an amino acid and why should I care? Hold that question, we’ll get there eventually, I hope.  Peptides are mainly amino acid chains of between two and fifty amino acids. If an […]

Your Eyesight – Reverse Eyesight Vision Loss

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RE: your eyesight (Reverse Eyesight Vision Loss) Get your vision back in as little as 7 days I am doing something I never thought I would do.  I am endorsing a message that can make a real difference in your life.  It has to do with eyesight. Imagine no more squinting just to read text […]

Is Your Liver as Healthy as It Should Be?

healthy liver healthy brain

Is Your Liver as Healthy as It Should Be? There is much we humans take for granted in life. We don’t notice the good things in life until they are gone or they vanish.  In third grade, a teacher noticed I was squinting trying to read the chalkboard and sent a note home to let […]

Is Your Heart As Healthy As It Could Be?

how to protect the heart

Is Your Heart As Healthy As It Should Be? I don’t have to tell you when your heart stops, it’s over. Well, you might still have a slim chance.  About 6% of people who die in hospital can be revived. But you know what their first words are after “coming back?” “Why did you bring […]

Compare RES-Q 1250 vs TRUE OMEGA-3®

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You’ve heard Omega-3s are heart healthy and good for you, but which brand is best?! Let’s compare! I’ll share a comparison of True Omega-3 and Res-Q 1250 10 Reasons to Take Omega-3s Daily! Brain Support: 40% of your brain is made of the DHA Omega-3 molecular structure. Omega-3s are structurally integral to your physical brain!  […]

How Much Omega-3 Fish Oil Should I Take?

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There are endless aisles of supplements in any drug store, all promising to improve your health in one way or another. But with so many options, it can be hard to know which supplements are worth taking and which ones are not of much consequence.  oil | health | supplements | dha | risk | […]

What Can Omega-3 Fatty Acids Do For Me?

Here is a list of various questions that may help you to make a decision about using Omega-3 Fish Oil to help improve your heart health, brain health, cognition and several other areas of health.  Can True Omega-3 Balance Cholesterol? Numerous studies have shown that omega-3 fatty acids can help to reduce cholesterol levels. They […]

Res-Q 1250 Reviews And Compare With True Omega 3

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POSTED ON AUGUST 25, 2015 BY GAREY SIMMONS BRAIN HEALTH, FISH OIL, HEART ATTACK, HEART HEALTH, MIND STATE, OMEGA-3S Res-Q 1250 Reviews and Comparison to True Omega-3 and Nordic Naturals Most helpful positive review See all 23 positive reviews› 18 or 18 peoples found the following review helpful 5Used for Years By Rickon April 28, 2010 This product was recommended […]

Dehydration is More Common Than You Might Think

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Dehydration is a condition that results when the body loses more fluid than it takes in. While dehydration can occur at any time,  it is especially common during hot weather or when participating in strenuous activities. When the body loses fluids,  it also loses essential electrolytes,  such as sodium and potassium. This can lead to […]

The Body is a Single Unit

the body is a single unit

The Body is a Single Unit Made up of 70,000,000,000 supercomputers.  My passion is “health” as you know if you read any of my blog posts. I am a daily learner and suppose I will do this until I pass on and get my upgrade.  Currently, I am reading Pete Esgoscue. A Vietnam war vet […]