Beyond Culture Shock: Importance of Natural Medicine

I had an invitation to come to India to do some work, and it was amazing. I had lived in Europe for a number of years, and the people around me compelled me to get up and move. It’s like traveling to a new universe. Culture shock doesn’t even begin to describe it.

The moment they opened the doors to the plane and that atmosphere comes in, the humidity, the smells, it’s off the charts beyond anything you’ve ever experienced in the Western world, the sights, the sounds. All right, roll me. Back in the 1970s, it was pretty primitive. It was pretty, how shall I say it? It was pretty dirty. The sanitation was not up to the Western standard. All of that freaked out my brain to the point that I froze, I literally froze.

I believe that my entire digestive system said, “No, we’re not doing this.” It shut down. It didn’t matter what I ate, I would be sick.

That was the initial welcome to India message. I was naïve and young, and I really didn’t know what the heck I was doing. I felt like a novice, not knowing anything. In four months I caught up to a point that I started to begin to understand. Life in India is amazing, and beautiful, and fun. People are extremely happy. The thing that Westerners have a hard time grasping is, that without a lot of material wealth, a person could really be happy.

Being a young person in my twenties, I had a lot of vitality and energy. I was riding a bus in Southern India with chickens, the animals and the people. There were people on the roof and people hanging out the doors; just a cacophony of sound and real beauty. It was really what spurred me onto natural medicine and taking care of myself.

My Second Round of Culture Shock

I contracted what is known as infectious hepatitis. Don’t ask me if it’s type A, B or C. All I knew was, I turned jaundice. My second round of culture shock. I couldn’t enjoy the food there, if I just got some Western food that I understood, everything would be okay. I ordered chicken fried rice from a Chinese restaurant and after I took one bite, it exploded right here in my solar plexus.

And I said, “Okay, I give up, I am sick.”

The next day, my urine had turned a black Coca-Cola color. Number two turned white and I was yellow. My eyes were yellow, my skin was yellow. And I couldn’t eat any fat whatsoever. No oils. Not even a peanut. Because the liver is responsible for digesting fat.

You cannot digest fat without the bile that the liver produces. My liver had shut down and was jaundiced. I now had hepatitis. Don’t bother me anymore. I’m taking the year off. And that’s what I did. I ate boiled squash, I ate grapes. Thank God for grapes. That was the beauty of life. We sometimes refer to Victor Frankl and in the concentration camps, and he could find the beauty in a fish head in his bowl of thin soup that he was fed. I found beauty in grapes in India. It was fantastic. And I started researching and learning about Ayurvedic medicine, and they have supplements there. Really, the whole basis of their science in healing and health and prevention of disease is based on food and the body type.

The Importance of Natural Medicine & Liver Supplements

Let me just say, there was a Himalayan company that produced Ayurvedic liver supplements , and within a year, I had lost a lot of weight, but I found my health again and recovered to the point that I could once again have fish or chicken. And that’s my story of learning about how debilitating it is to get an illness that you don’t understand. That’s one side of it. Alternatively how amazing & profoundly engineered we are as human beings. We have this incredible machine, this transport device, that’s carrying our spirit around and helping us to move around and do things. And literally you know that there’s trillions of cells in the body, there’s trillions of bacteria in the body, and we work in harmony to create health. And the whole idea of Eastern medicine, whether it’s Chinese medicine, Ayurvedic Indian medicine, natural medicine is about health, not about disease.

It’s about staying healthy. Doctors in China are paid to keep you well, rather than trying to cure sickness. The complete opposite of our framework here in the West. The doctors intervene when you’re ill or something serious is going on. In some cases. the illness may have been precipitated 10 years prior. Suddenly, you can’t walk or do your normal physical activity.

And then you wake up and say, “Oh, I better go see the doctor.”

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