The question is: If I can only buy a few supplements what do I really need to make big changes in my overall health?

#1: By far, the most important additive, supplement, or vitamin to add to your life is a powerful, high potency Omega-3.

Our latest product is the True Omega-3®  It’s 70% Omega-3 content and 25% other synergistic fish oil ingredients. Dr. Barry Sears says this is the 15 second a day change your life program. Take Omega-3s daily. I have written many pages on the benefits of Omega-3s but let me condense it to one thing: Omega-3s will help to balance your macro nutrients. This will make it almost impossible not to be healthy if you get your fat intake balanced between the pro and anti inflammatory oils. So this is the place where healthy living begins. Right now, we have 240 capsules on sale for only $25.95, regularly $42.00 breaks down to less 14 cents a capsule, which is amazing since our wholesale price is 15 cents a capsule. Use must use this coupon to get the savings:

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#2: The second most important supplement is one that directly affects the immune system. Epicor is an high metabolite immunogen. I have been taking it for six years with no colds, no flus, no illness. For a guy who was a sickly child, flus, colds, allergies and headaches all the time, this is truly amazing. Hundreds of people have experienced the same thing by taking Epicor. With the flu season upon us in full force and people getting sick left and right, you really want to take this one simple, tiny capsule a day. Normally, $24.95 a bottle, we have a special on now for only $21.21. Buy 1 bottle for $21.21

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