The Benefits Of Red Yeast Rice For Your Health

I’ve told you a few stories about my time in China.

And as you know, Chinese eat a lot of rice. And even their greeting is, (chi fan)
chir faun, have you had rice?That’s sort of part of the culture. But we have a supplement in our store called Red Yeast Rice, and it is a Chinese herbal supplement that has been used in Chinese medicine for 6,000 years. It is for the heart.

All right, rolling.

And interestingly enough, the way the pharmaceutical companies invented or synthesized their statin drugs comes from the study of Chinese medicine, red yeast rice. Basically, what it does is it impairs or tamps down the liver’s job of making cholesterol. So I’ve told you before, also, that cholesterol is your friend. There’s no need to lower cholesterol unless it gets too high, to the point that you’re having clogged arteries, or suspicion of clogged arteries. And there’s many ways to tell that. So red yeast rice, we would consider it a low level statin. And we always recommend that you take coenzyme Q10 along with the red yeast rice in order to negate any side effects from the red yeast rice.

I recommend and suggest red yeast rice for clients who have jobs where their annual physical is reviewed in order for them to keep their job.

I’ll give you an example. Airline pilots have to have a certain cholesterol level in order to keep their license to fly commercially. Police officers have to have a certain cholesterol level in order to keep their jobs. So in those cases, I do recommend six months on, six months off in order to prepare for that annual physical and take care of your body at all times, do whatever is best for you and your body. But this is one way we have of keeping the doctors off your back and helping you to improve your blood lipid profile numbers.

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