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Nutritional Supplements for Your Body and Brain Health

We know high-quality Omega-3’s, high-purity Omega-3’s, high-dose Omega-3’s are part of the building block of the brain’s structure. For instance, if you took out all the water from the brain, 60% of what is left is made up of fat. A good proportion of the fats are the Omega-3’s, specifically DHA.

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Why Omega-3 Works Well as Antidepressants

When we go back to the beginning, we go back to the fundamentals on the basics and then looking at the first-grade level of things. The brain itself is made up of fats. So let’s dig into this a little bit. We call omega-3s essential fatty acids, EFA.

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Omega-3 Benefits ADHD Symptoms

Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, which is a behavioral phenomenon characterized by the inability to tune in to what’s happening in front of you, being super impulsive and actually tending towards aggression against others around you.

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How to Reduce Chronic Inflammation

When you get a fever, you’re inflamed, right? You’re feverish. What’s happening? Your body is fighting a pathogen that is not going to do you good, and the quicker it can get rid of the pathogen the better

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