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Which Diets Are POISON

I had shared with you that there’s not a lot of difference between paleo and meat-eating and being vegan if you follow the diet strictly in the way it’s meant and the way it’s taught, and that is to avoid processed foods. 

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Should I give Omega3 To My Kids For Their Health

Out of the 10, I went back through my memory and realized that I had actually witnessed six of the births. I was pretty involved as a father, raising my kids and one of the most critical, important things that we believed in way back in those days, was about breastfeeding.

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Is Omega-3 Good For Your Kids?

Just as it would happen, I was out on my morning walk, taking in those vitamin D sunshiny rays from the sun. Early in the morning, we had a perfect blue sky, and it was just impossible not to go out and have a nice long walk.

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The Best Health Supplements for Hypertension

Coach Garey here, we’re going to finalize this series on hypertension by bringing up some of the supplements that can be used and some of the herbs that you may want to try in order to naturally and holistically bring your blood pressure down.

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