Are Problems a Problem?Let’s face it. Problems are here to stay.

As soon as you solve one problem another appears on the horizon or sometimes just drops in your lap. The reason is philosophical, complex, profound but really simple at the same time.

You need problems. I need problems. It sounds bizarre, counter-intuitive, and just weird. But let me explain.

Viewing problems as a problem is really the problem. If you get all negative about problems, then that is a real problem.

On the other hand, if you see problems are opportunities, you can advance through the problem quickly, thoughtfully and engage in the process of problem solving which is one of the purposeful, philosophical goals of humanity. How can we make our lives better? How can we help our fellow human beings? How can we teach our children? How can we prevent illness? How can we cure disease?

How one African teenager found an answer to starvation in a library and a junk yard. He didn’t let his problem or the problems of his village stop him from finding a solution.

In business, solving problems is what drives product creation. When a problem becomes prevalent and a solution is found, you have the possibility of a big winner!
Dying is a problem. Yet it happens everyday. Getting sick is a problem.  The biggest killer in America is … care to take a guess?

The AR 15? Guns in general? Maybe cancer? Accidents at work? Work place violence? Heart disease? War? Cancer?

If you guessed heart disease you get a silver star, because statistically you would be correct, but the gold star answer is…
None of the above.

One of my mentors told me that the true no. 1 killer in the world is misinformation. That’s doesn’t going down very easily. That’s hard to swallow in the age of the easy access to information, the age of the Internet and where Google has become more than an information company, it’s become a verb. Now misinformation is a really BIG problem.

If you see a problem, take action. Don’t just sit there in analysis and paralysis. Get busy. Sift through information. Discuss the problem with experts. Read books, invest in proper education. Take the answers that are given and see what is reasonable to you. Ask this question: What if the opposite were true? All through the 1980s doctors and scientists thought that poly unsaturated vegetable oils were good for humans and actually told patients to take it by the spoonfuls. In fact, sometimes, they did see a lowering of LDL cholesterol. However, twenty years later it was discovered that the LDL was disappearing by being absorbed right into the lining of the arteries causing aerterial damage. Oops.

Anyone born after 1975 knows from birth that high cholesterol causes heart disease. We’ve been duly informed by the drug companies that you have got to see your doctor and get a prescription to lower your cholesterol. Unfortunately, this is misinformation in its most robust form. Pattern B LDL is so small it can disappear right through the lining of the artery and lodge in a dangerous, inappropriate place! If free radicals are present and believe me they are if you use any processed foods, or oils, then the subsequent oxidation will inflame those lipoproteins. The inflammation that is needed in the gut to kill bacteria and virus to keep you healthy, will begin to kill you softly and slowly through artery wall compromise.

Slow motion suicide, some would say. It’s never reported on the nightly news. But deaths from heart disease is statistically the no. 1 killer in the USA. You want to know how many? Load up five 747s with 1600+ passengers and crash them into the ground with no survivors. Then do the same again tomorrow, then the next day. Repeat daily from Jan 1 to Dec 31. That is the death rate from heart disease, just in the United States!  Cancer is not far behind.

Do we have a cure for cancer? No.
Do we have prevention strategies? Yes.
Do we have a cure for heart disease? Yes.
Do we have prevention strategies? Yes.

Cancer is complicated. There is much we don’t know. But comparitively heart disease is simple. Limit your calories. Eat lots of vegetables. Ingest Omega-3 fats daily, whether through wild fish or supplementation.  Find a way to destress and sleep restfully.  Exercise daily with a walk, and three times a week do interval training. Cut out processed sugars and processed foods as much as you are able.

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Don’t think diet, think lifestyle.

If people took Omega-3s like Americans take statins, my prediction is that death from heart disease would be cut in half in ten years. Bold statement. Don’t believe a word I say, do your own research, conduct your own clinical experiments. Yes, you can. Take a journal and keep notes on observations as you try modifying your nutrition and your exercise.

Tim Ferriss has been doing this for decades and now is publishing handsomely rewarding books just from his journals. You have one life to live, help solve someone’s problem.

I like Yoda’s sentiment, “Do or do not, there is no try.” That encompasses a life well lived.

Be well,


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