Why was Optimal Health Bridge founded?

I was diagnosed with high triglycerides in my 50s. This could have lead to strokes or heart attacks. Instead of just taking the medication I was offered, I explored other options and discovered omega-3 fish oil.

After just three months, my triglycerides level of 500 milligrams-per-deciliter had dropped down to just 200. This sold me on the power of omega-3s and was my first step on my journey towards optimal health. 

Curious about what happened next?
These three short videos summarise my story, what we stand for at Optimal Health Bridge and and what we are here for. 

Why Nutritional Health Coaching?

Nutritional Health Coaching was the logical place for me to get to when I started my journey back in 2005 with a diagnosis of high triglycerides. 

This was also accompanied by a fatty liver diagnosis, signs of metabolic syndrome and the early stages of diabetes which were also part of the problem.

Having avoided taking pharmaceutical drugs for 30 years of my adult life already, I wasn’t ready to start taking them and part of me innately understood there were more natural ways to deal with health problems and my early success with taking omega-3s confirmed this hunch. 

Starting as a business person in the field of omega-3 fish oil, I learned a lot just by working in that field. Trades shows and talking with scientists got me started and then going to school for a year to work towards a certificate in nutritional health coaching got me the rest of the way.

What started as a response to a personal health crisis has now turned into a drive to help others lead healthier lives.

Looking at the holistic picture when it comes to nutrition is fascinating and I love nutritional health coaching.

Remember your M.E.D.S:
Mindset, Exercise, Diet, Sleep

Health must address three things: 

Body, mind, and spirit.

I always recommend practical self care, which means you don’t have to count on the healthcare system to keep you healthy and it means you take personal responsibility over how much you eat, how much you exercise and how much rest you get. 

Our formula for optimal health is M.E.D.S.: 

Mindset, Exercise, Diet & Sleep 

If you’ve heard of the placebo effect, then you’ll understand Mind-state. There’s much more power to it than you might expect and having a positive and aligned outlook can have a knock on effect to everything else.

Exercise is well understood. If you don’t move enough, you’ll become a couch potato and the body is going to suffer as there are several bodily systems that depend on movement.

Diet is your nutrition. To a certain extent, you get out what you put in and if you subsist on junk food alone, it’s going to have long term consequences. 

Finally there’s sleep. This is part of our building system and if we don’t get the required amount of sleep, things will go wrong. You might not notice it right away, but over time sleep debt can build up to chronic stress and a range of health complications. 


We’re not interested in just being another supplement company –
We are a wellbeing practice where supplementation is just a part of it

We don’t want to upsell products you don’t need – we might suggest things that you might benefit from, but never without the context of how they will benefit you and we always encourage you to closely examine what is right for you and your personal circumstances. 

Yours truly,