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UltraGain Musclebuilder Protein

The Ultimate Pre and Post Workout Muscle Building Formula – 910gms

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A supercharged “kitchen sink” mass gain formula

UltraGain is a complete pre and post workout mass gain protein that has everything. That’s why we call it a “kitchen sink” formula. Designed to create the ideal intracellular environment for muscle development during and after exercise, UltraGain packs a potent combination of highly charged BCAA enhanced, glutamine rich protein packaged with engineered sugars, creatine monohydrate, and a host of targeted vitamins and minerals to support optimal workout recovery. If you take UltraGain everyday you don’t need to take another source of creatine.

Fortified with glucosamine and chondroitin for joint protection and a cocktail of herbs to stabilize blood sugar, UltraGain is a truly complete mass gain protein solution.

UltraGain is a pure mass gain formula. It is designed for body builders, performance athletes, and anyone else exercising to gain muscle mass. It is not recommended for anyone whose primary goal is weight loss or for diabetics or pregnant women.

  • A complete formula rich in BCAA’s
  • Provides joint support, blood sugar control, and creatine
  • Engineered to optimize transport of amino acids into muscle cells
  • Rich in the vitamins and minerals you need for optimal gains
  • A total mass gain solution
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