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Ultimate Antioxidant Complex

Ultimate Antioxidant Complex

Capture Free Radicals and Render Them Harmless!

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Free Radicals are what makes us age. Free radicals are like tiny little hot coals that burn holes in everything they touch. It causes inflammation in the cells. It causes cells to die unnatural deaths. Antioxidants will scoop up free radicals and put them on ice, so to speak.  Protect your body from the ravages of free radicals aby eating fruits and veggies of color.

Antioxidants are derived mainly from fruits. The benefit of adding antioxidants to you regimen is for the immunity support. The prevention of some cancers have been observed in clinical studies by adding antioxidants to your lifestyle and regimen.

Now one could eat fruit. However, in our fruit juices and in raw fruit, there is a high natural concentration of sugar which is a carbohydrate that burns quickly in the system. It’s okay if you have a very active lifestyle. If not, the sugars added to your system do not get burned up and that rather get processed into “stored energy.” That is to say, they are stored in the body as fats. They also have the effect of producing inflammation in the body.

Generally speaking we do not recommend eating too much fruit and especially not fruit juices which are more sugar than they are fruit.

It’s much better to take a supplement of antioxidants such as this one. All of these super fruit are without sugar and healthful. This combination of antioxidants provides a greater benefit to the prevention side of health and fitness.

Antioxidant Complex Supplement Facts