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Thyroid Support

thyroid-support-infoThe 9 Warning Signs of Low Thyroid*

Take the Low Thyroid “Test”!

*Low Thyroid doesn’t just lead to weight gain, it can lead to heart disease, diabetes and 57 other diseases, according to a report by Dr. Brownstein.

Thyroid Support – New Product Introduction and Promotion:

Signs to watch for in determining low thyroid:(Medical tests for thyroid function are notoriously ineffective in detecting low thyroid, if your doctor doesn’t check for these indications.)
Check for These Conditions
Bags, puffiness under the eyes  yes  no
Swelling in other parts of the body  yes  no
Puffy tongue, puffy face, puffy wrists  yes  no
Lifeless hair, dry skin  yes  no
No energy  yes  no
Weight gain  yes  no
Low Basal body temperature  yes  no
Sluggishness  yes  no
Anxiety  yes  no

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Your thyroid is an important gland found in the neck. The gland is part of the endocrine system, whose main function is to convert iodine into a variety of hormones. The thyroid gland converts iodine into thyroid hormones that control the body’s temperature levels and regulate metabolism, weight loss or weight gain. Maintaining thyroid health promotes optimal organ function. A variety of herbs providing natural health benefits for thyroid function are available.

Without proper thyroid hormone production it’s almost impossible to have good digestion, proper metabolism and weight control.

Just check out the label supplement ingredients. This unique blend of vitamins and supplements will help you to stay energetic.

Combining Ayurvedic herbs with known, helpful vitamins and minerals, you may see a significant boost in your thyroid production.

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