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Kidney Stone Nightmare?


oh stockKidney Stone Nightmare? Forget Traditional Treatments: Laser Pounding or Surgery! This Supplement is Safe and Highly Effective AND Fast Acting!

Renavive Kidney Stone Supplement

$49.00 – 30 Day Supply

Buy 2 Get 1 Free $98.00 – 90 day supply

$39.95 We cover your S/H costs.

Renavive Kidney Stone Kleanse System – Ease the pain – Flush the gravel – Feel better fast.

This All-Natural dietary supplement product has helped countless kidney stone sufferers avoid costly surgery and get back out into the world, pain-free. It could help you and you can try it without any risk. In fact, we’re so sure it works…

If You’re Not Pain-Free Within A Week, We’ll Return Your Money!

“You’re about to live a life without kidney stones.”

  • You’ll be able to travel anywhere – without worrying about the state of the closest public toilet.
  • You’ll be able to go to the movies – without pain, without extra padding, and without missing any of the action.
  • You’ll be able to garden – no more stabbing in your side, your back.
  • You’ll be able to eat meals without wondering if you’ll keep this one down.
  • You’ll be able to do absolutely anything you like – because you’ll no longer be suffering. You’ll be you again.

It’s all thanks to a safe, natural, doctor-recommended supplement that’s helped countless others. We call it Renavive – and, quite frankly, the results it gets are astounding.



Renavive Can…

  1. Provide relief from kidney stone pain within days
  2. Dissolve and disintegrate kidney stones
  3. Cleanse your kidneys and flush out the remains of stones
  4. Prevent urinary tract infections
  5. Help prevent future stones from forming

All that’s amazing enough. But, truly, that’s nothing compared to the relief you feel.

A Proven Track Record Of Helping Kidney Stone Sufferers Can I claim that Renavive will cure all kidney stones?

Of course not – no one can say that. It takes years of testing and approval before the tight-fisted FDA will give that go-ahead.

But, if I had kidney stones, would I want it in my medicine cabinet? You betcha.

And it’s because I’ve seen what Renavive can do. Just take a look at the relief it’s provided these people:

I have been suffering with Kidney Stones for a little over two years. My Doctor had me on a product that was all natural and I did not feel like it was working well. Every night I would lie in bed and my lower back would be in extreme pain! My lower back had even felt swollen and only getting up and taking a hot shower would relieve my pain so I could get on with my day but, still in pain! I tried the Coca Cola and Asparagus remedy that I paid at least $30.00 to get the e-book for and I did get some relief but that was only temporary and having Blood Sugar issues I didn’t want to consume any more sugar cure or not! I then found your product on the Internet and it made sense to me that it broke the stones and that is exactly what I wanted to have happen to my Kidney Stones! I have only been on the product for one month and I sleep really well with no tossing and turning from pain in my lower back! I am so grateful to be able to have your wonderful product available to me and to the many other thousands of Kidney Stone sufferers! It truly has changed and saved my life! – Yours Truly Ken

Dear Renavive,

My wife came across your product while trying to find something to help me with my kidney stones. I have been using your product for a few weeks now and it really helped me with the pain, it’s definitely working! In a matter of weeks my stones are breaking apart and I feel so much better. Now I can go to work and live my life and not have to deal with the agonizing pain that my stones once caused me.

Kidney stones are terrible and if you ever had them you know exactly what I mean and the kind of pain they can cause. Renavive saved me and I just had to take the time and thank you personally. Thank you Renavive and I will certainly be telling others about your product! – Jack B.


I am writing this letter because your formula changed my life. I was rushed to the emergency room at one of the most prestigious hospitals in my area with extreme pain in my back and abdomen and was diagnosed with dangerously elevated uric acid levels. They immediately did x-rays and ultra sounds and told me that both of my kidneys were filled with kidney stones and one of them was barely functioning. If this was not bad enough I was told that a small stone was blocking my ureter and this is why the uric acid was so elevated and an immediate procedure was needed to lower the uric acid levels and was essential if I wanted to survive the night. I did as they suggested and they placed a stent to open the ureter. The procedure was successful in lowering the uric acid levels and the next morning I went home with careful instruction that it was essential I come back for ultra sonic treatments to try to break the stones and save my kidneys because the stent was only temporary. When we went home my son found this formula on the Internet and it sounded too good to be true. I began taking it and within a day the pain had subsided and I felt as though it was working. After one month I almost forgot I had kidney stones and had no symptoms. I was told that the stent was only temporary and I needed to have it removed so after the end of the second month I returned to the ER hospital to have a follow up exam and a scan of my kidneys and determine the treatment for breaking the stones which two months earlier almost took my life. The results came back and the doctor was looking at my chart confused. He asked me if I had any symptoms I said no, none. He said your kidneys are clear of any stones and your kidney functions as well as your uric acid results are normal so we are going to remove the stent and you are free to go home. This is my success story, Thank You! – Sincerely, John S.


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Our Ironclad Guarantee


In fact, if after a full month you just don’t feel like paying for the relief you’ve gotten… you can send us back your empty bottle and we’ll still refund your full purchase price.

Of course, I doubt you’ll be doing that. If you’re anything like the rest of our customers, you’ll be placing your next order – so that you can protect yourself from any future attacks.

That’s perhaps the greatest thing about Renavive – it not only will rid you of current stones, but it does a phenomenal job preventing new ones.

So, what have you got to lose? Only one thing. Your kidney stones.

I know what the pain can be like – and that’s why I urge you to order now. We’ll ship the product to you as fast as possible – you’ll usually have it in your hand within 3 business days.

And if you don’t, we’ll absorb all the costs for shipping and handling.

There’s no need to suffer any longer. Order now, and be pain-free within a week.

Garey Simmons, Founder, OptimalHealthBridge.com

Additional Info:
Get 1 Bottle of Renavive Every 30 Days for only $39.95, Shipping is Free.