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Epicor – Immune Support

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Epicor-500pxWatch the 4 minute video, then decide…if Epicor is right for you. It’s been 8 years for me. No colds, no flu. AND NO Cat Dander Allergies, huge reduction in hay fever symptoms. It’s natural and no drowsiness or any side effects except… Better Health!

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EpiCor® High-Metabolite Immunogen

Illness Is Optional!

“Stop Getting Sick,” my boss demanded. I was missing too many days at work. My boss loved my creatives but I was missing deadlines. Well, it’s sounds like I had a rude boss, but he really was looking out for me and handed me a bottle of Epicor and said, “Try this. It’s only one tiny capsule a day. I have been using it for two years now and nary a sniffle.”

In fact, my boss was right. My immunity and resistance to flu, germs and viruses has increased. I have very little down time and for a kid that was sick most of my life, this has been an absolute God-send! Try it. I love Epicor and the additional immunity support I get! – Jenny

No one, it seems likes to take pills. Especially as folks get older, many are on so many prescription drugs, when you suggest they take “one more little capsule,” they choke! “No more pills!” However, recently I read a report about some natural, alternative regimens to chemotherapy. One man was taking over 300 tablets, pills and capsules a day in order to beat cancer. It’s obvious that if its a life and death matter, most people will choose life, no matter the cost or inconvenience. Not all, but most. What I really love about this regimen is that it is only one tiny capsule a day. That one capsule abounds with antioxidant power. That one capsule increase Natural Killer (NK) cells by 60%. That one capsule cost about fifty-cents a day. Is it worth it? Try it and you tell me.

Recently I met with Larry Robinson, the scientist that has been working with Epicor for over six years now. I am not going to get into the clinical studies and all that dry, boring invitro, exvitro, whatever but suffice it to say, I believe whatever Larry was saying. Why? Because it worked for me. Buy 12 – 24 bottles at the incredible price.

Many of our customers buy 12 bottles at a time because they don’t want to run out. That’s a year’s supply of health and immunity support for $180! Man, you can’t beat that with a stick. One farming family up in Canada calls me once a year and orders 24 bottles for her and her husband. They have been on Epicor for four five years now!

One client is on his 56th month of auto recurring this product!

EpiCor Works to protect human health

It’s true that some of the world’s greatest discoveries are stumbled upon by accident.

This is the case with the story of EpiCor®, a revolutionary new dietary supplement which enhances and strengthens the body’s immune function.

EpiCor® is an all-natural, high-metabolite immunogen that nourishes the body’s immune system.

Manufactured through a proprietary, multi-stage fermentation and drying process, EpiCor® delivers three times the antioxidant power of any known fruit.

EpiCor® feeds and nourishes the body’s immune engine to strengthen resistance and maintain wellness – before immune health issues develop.*

Accidental Discovery Results in Better Health

February 2008 – New Study Shows EpiCor Effectiveness

EpiCor Works to protect human health Diamond V Mills, Cedar Rapids, Iowa – For years, employees were exposed to a special yeast in the production of nutritional feeds for animals. After noticing a stark decline in worker sick days, 3 years of studies were undertaken to validate the effects of this special strain of yeast that workers were ingesting just from working with it. Now formulated for human consumption, EpiCor was named by doctors as a top immune support product for protecting health and reducing allergic reaction.
EpiCor Works to protect human health“I have had a terrible time with allergies from complete congestion, shortness of breath, headaches and body aches. After taking EpiCor for a coupleof months I can not believe the night and day difference in my overall ability to breath and physical comfort and energy. I have been telling others about the tremendous benefits I have experienced. Thanks for everything.” – Teresa

EpiCor is a dried yeast complex that is called an immune modulator. It can crank up the immune system to stave off flus and colds, a net gain in resistance or it can relax the immune system in the case of undue allergic reaction such as Teresa was experiencing.

I myself found that upon using EpiCor had the pleasant discovery that I was no longer allergic to cats. I had been allergic to cats my whole life! So there is something amazing about this product. It’s  a good thing too, because my girlfriend has not one but two cats. A few months ago, Bug (that’s his name, a big beautiful male Halloween Cat, jet black and gorgeous!)  jumped up on my lap and decided to take a nap right there on my lap! This was a complete new experience for me! I really enjoyed the bonding time with our beautiful Bug.

Each bottle contains 30 capsules and all you need is one per day.

If you want to:

  • Boost the innate immune system and the activity of Natural Killer (NK) cells – Epicor provides Synchronous response to invading pathogens. –Epicor helps NK cells operate more efficiently and effectively!
  • Have Superior immune response –Great if you deal with the public in your job or free time activities – Ideal for teachers, customer service reps, librarians and anyone whose job or interests have you in contact with the public. – Perfect if you are subject to more down time than others!
  • Boost Your Body with High Antioxidants that work to overcome free radicals – Look and feel younger! – Feel good all-year round
  • Just like the production staff where this original discovery was made. – Turn your “sick days” into “personal fun days”.
  • Introducing a new, branded supplement that takes a revolutionary approach to immune health. While many supplement ingredients are indication specific, polls show that Americans favor preventive health maintenance over disease management by a two-to-one margin. Who wouldn’t? So how do you strengthen your immune response? The answer is EpiCor.
  • Manufactured through our proprietary MetaGen4™ process, EpiCor is a high-metabolite immunogen that feeds and nourishes the body’s immune engine to strengthen resistance and maintain wellness – before immune health issues develop.* Supported by extensive characterization, ORAC, in vitro, toxicology, mutagenicity, mitogenicity and human safety studies, EpiCor is simply immuno-amazing – and the immune protection you have been looking for.

Then EpiCor® may be right for you!

Get EpiCor, Get Healthy!

Garey Simmons, Founder, OptimalHealthBridge.com


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