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Enhanced Vitamin C

Enhanced Vitamin C – Basic Immunity – Stay Healthy!

Vitamin C

Vitamin C Complex with Six Major Enhancers!

Keep a couple of bottles in stock in your home at all times. Ensures quick recovery in the event you get a cold. It’s a good idea to take one a day through the Winter season.

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High Potency Bio-Flavonoid Enriched Vitamin C

Our Enhanced Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant great for arterial health, heart health, adrenal health, and immune function. The benefits of Vitamin C are well known, but not all Vitamin C supplements are created equal. To truly be effective, Vitamin C must be introduced into your body with the right combination of bioflavinoids and cofactors. These are molecules that help Vitamin C do its job – protecting your cells from damage, strengthening your adrenal glands for energy and immune support, and keeping you healthy. Your adrenals (which create all the energy you use to power through work and exercise) use up 80% of the vitamin C in your body. The harder you work and the harder you workout the more you need a super-potent form of vitamin C.

Enhanced Vitamin C combines vitamin C with rose hips, a citrus bio flavonoid complex, rutin, and acerola – food derived sources of critical vitamin cofactors. The cofactors dramatically increase the potency of Enhanced Vitamin C. Quercetin is a superstar molecule in its own right that is just beginning to get the attention it deserves. A powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent, Quercetin is especially valuable to gym goers as an energy boosting supplement. Early studies indicate that Quercetin boosts the energy output of mitochondria (your cell’s energy factories) in response to exercise.

Enhanced Vitamin C is the perfect Vitamin C supplement for virtually all health and fitness needs. All of us can benefit from extra Vitamin C.

  • Dramatically more effective than regular Vitamin C
  • Great for immune health
  • Preserves arterial wall integrity
  • Fortifies adrenal glands for improved energy levels
  • Most bio available form of the vitamin a hard-working body needs most


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