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Advanced Probiotic

Advanced Probiotics

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You may wonder why a person needs to add probiotic to the daily regimen. The fact is that we modern society types are undernourished. Oh, we get enough calories, that’s for sure, but we lack real nutrition. This Advanced Probiotic formula replaces the good gut flora that gets destroyed when we eat only junk food for a time, or when we have had to take an antibiotic for medical reasons.
Advanced Priobiotics – GI Tract Health Support Immunity
  • There’s no doubt that good health begins in your digestive tract. Constantly replenishing the healthy, beneficial bacteria in your gut promotes healthy, comfortable digestion and proper nutrient absorption.

    Our recently updated Probiotic Advance gives you a total of seven strains of healthy bacteria, for strong immune benefits—including a boost to your natural killer cells. These white blood cells play a critical role in keeping your cells healthy.

    Altogether you get immense relief from gas, bloating, constipation, occasional diarrhea, plus greater immune support (including relief from seasonal irritants), and targeted benefits for women.

    You now get a total of seven strains of healthy, beneficial bacteria. That means all the same benefits:

    • Healthy digestion and better nutrient absorption
    • Support for regularity
    • Stronger gastrointestinal health
    • Improved breakdown of undigested foods

    PLUS new, extremely hardy strains give you greater support for:

    • A stronger immune system
    • Reducing occasional diarrhea
    • Relief from seasonal irritants
    • Vaginal and urinary tract health
Garey Simmons, Founder, OptimalHealthBridge.com