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Advance Digestive Enzymes

Advance Digestive Enzymes

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Features of Advance Digestive Enzymes

COST EFFECTIVE AND CONVENIENT: One capsule is often sufficient to aid digestion of an entire meal.

DUAL FUNCTION: May be taken with food, or can an empty stomach for proteolytic activity.

BROAD ACTIVITY RANGE: Designed to work effectively taking into account the range of pH conditions found in different individuals’ intestinal tracts due to age, health, ability to secrete acid, etc.

FAST ACTING: One capsule will often relieve the bloated feeling of indigestion in minutes after it is swallowed.

STANDARDIZED POTENCY: Activity of all enzymes is specified by the latest FCC standard analytical methods. Each capsule is standardized to contain the enzyme activities listed on the label.

Suggested Use:  One (1) capsule 5 minutes before, during, or directly after a meal. Use for your two meals that are the most difficult to digest.

Contains no wheat, corn, soy, artificial colors, or artificial flavors. NO ANIMAL PRODUCTS. Vegetarian capsules

A truly complete enzyme formula means more than just having an enzyme for every food group. The stomach, full and resting, goes through multiple pH changes through the course of a single day. A truly complete enzyme formula contains enzymes active in a wide pH range for each food group: sugars, fiber, proteins, fats and starches. Just one capsule can help digest an entire meal.

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Advanced Digestive Enzymes