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Açai Berry Antioxidant

My Daughter Discovers Açai Berries in Brazil!


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My daughter Katrina, after graduation from high school, wanted to visit a friend in Brazil. She made arrangements and I got her a ticket using my flyer points and she was off to Vitoria Brazil! We have been a missionary family for decades so the thought of inter-continental travel while exciting is not unusual. Although as a dad, I have to admit I was just a tad scared.

The Mona Lisa

Katrina enjoying the beach in Brazil

While I don’t have permission to share much about her excursion to Brazil, she stayed a little over two months and is now thoroughly ready for some serious college work.

The one highlight that Kat raved about was the Acai Berry drinks available on every corner of every city in Brazil. “These pure Acai berry drinks gave me such energy. My Moy Tai lessons were a breeze after an Acai berry drink. They made the Acai into a sherbet and put any toppings on it that you wanted.”

Everyone has seen the word, maybe heard it on the television, radio, and even on billboards. The acai berry and the diet associated with it. But what is it exactly and why is there a huge fuss about it?

First of all, the acai berry has been used for many generations by native Brazilians. It is a small round berry usually blackish purple in color, resembling a grape or blueberry but smaller. It has a large seed with minimal pulp and provides maximum juice.

It is found in some palm trees that can reach heights of 82 feet in the Amazon rain forest and that is where it is largely grown and harvested. Unlike cherries and most other fruit however, it grows in bunches, much like bananas, instead of individually. Each tree, on average, can yield anywhere from three to eight bunches of acai berries.

What is so great about this small berry and why has it become a huge name in the diet industry? The Acai berry has been labeled as an antioxidant.

It is rich in omega fats, protein, electrolytes, amino acids, antioxidants, and vitamins A, E and B1. It has been known for the health benefits it provides including management of digestive problems, insomnia, skin issues and even sexual dysfunction.

Especially as word travels about this amazing berry and its benefits, people are discovering new and exciting ways it has helped them in daily life. Consuming it has made people simply feel more energized and healthy. Not only that, but researchers have even revealed that in a study, Acai berries actually destroyed leukemia cells in a culture.

It still remains to be seen that the Acai berry will destroy cancer altogether, but the studies so far have been promising.

Not only has the Acai berry become famous all over the world for ground breaking new research, but it is also great tasting. It has been incorporated into so many dishes since its discovery that it is common knowledge to see it on menus in most places.

Used as both the sweet berry it is on top of ice cream, in smoothies, shakes and even breakfast bars, it is also used as a great additional flavor in meat and fish dishes, along with various other entrees. However, the fact that most people find so surprising is that the berry itself should not be picked and eaten just as it is.

The berry is harvested, processed and the acai comes from the pulp of the berry. Even more surprising to some people is the fact that the acai drinks and juice is more popular in the southern hemisphere than milk. This is due largely to the fact that the South Americans know they are getting a healthy, nutritious drink that will give them energy and alertness throughout the day.

One of the best benefits about this berry is the fact that there are no known or reported side effects. It has not been completely examined and being a relatively new product in the United States it is still being observed. But most reports back are that this is a very promising good.

Acai is available in all different forms all across the globe. The internet has become a fast hot spot to purchase the popular berry and its many varieties.

It is in extremely high demand as more and more people become aware of the benefits, but when shopping for it, you must be sure that you are getting the real thing. Labels are very important and make absolutely sure to check them.

Açai Berries Support:

  • Healthy energy and stamina – Açai supports the body during times of stress and fatigue
  • Healthy Libido – used historically to support sexual health. Known as the “Viagra of the Amazon.”
  • Digestive function and liver health – helps soothe and detoxify the digestive organs.
  • Mental clarity, positive mood – contains amino acids, vitamins & minerals along with essential fatty acids.
  • Improved sleep patterns – high B vitamin profile nourishes the nervous system.
  • Eye health – contains Beta-carotene and other mixed caroteinoids support eye health.
  • Healthy Immune System – Açai supports T-Cell division and cellular immunity.
  • Anti-Aging and longevity – Works against free radical damage.
  • Skin, hair and nails – supported by antioxidant properties and essential fatty acid profile.
  • Cleanse and Detoxify – Flushes the digestive system.
  • Cardiovascular health, including support for blood pressure and cholesterol levels.