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Res-Q 1250 vs True Omega-3 Condensed version here. (This page has grown so long, now hoping to make it easier.)


Res-Q1250 or True Omega-3? A Comparison! Or Just Call It A Taste Test!

Res-Q 1250 Users: Are you looking to try an alternative to Res-Q 1250? There could be many reasons. You know it’s a good product, but the sales time limited windows, the endless upsells, it’s all part of doing business, but there is a no nonsense alternative. Try a little test of our alternative True Omega-3 capsules. (Premium, Pharmaceutical Grade 700 mgs of EPA/DHA in every capsule [400 EPA, 300 DHA] Every capsule.) Then it’s not a matter of reading and believing, but it will be a genuine taste test. Take six capsules a day for 10 days for only $8.35!  Hey, we’ll pay the shipping, you pay for 60 capsules. We’ll earn your trust. Click here.

The best way to make a decision is to try various options. This offer  is meant to reduce the pain and solve the problem of finding a Res-Q 1250 alternative. If you like the capsules, we’ll send you a bigger bottle either 120 capsules ($19.99 only, we’ll pay the shipping) or 240 capsules ($39 only, we’ll pay the shipping.)  Either, I’ll call you to see how you liked it or I’ll send you an email offer.

This will give you a six capsule a day regimen, perfect for anyone over 55 years old.



redarrowSpecial Report and Free Sample Sent to You. (Click here and open in a new window)

The power of Omega-3 is in the EPA/DHA composition of the capsules. Please carefully read the comparison and review below.


Res-Q 1250,
Nordic Naturals

True Omega-3?


A Comparison and Review of Res-Q 1250 in Relation to Other Popular Omega-3 Fish Oil Free  Omega-3ReportProducts.

Res-Q 1250 Review: Other common spellings and misspellings: Rescue 1250, Resque 1250 and Rescued 1250. Fish Oil, Marine Oil, Omega-3 Oil. (Click here to see True Omega-3 Pricing)

Res-Q 1250: One Man’s Story

Baltimore Man Reverses Heart Condition with Omega-3 Fish Oil.

Baltimore, MD – Garey Simmons, reversed his heart condition by simply taking a powerful Omega-3 fish oil. “I was diagnosed with very high triglycerides. I was overweight. I was given a prescription by my doctor, but I said no, that’s not going to happen.”

Former Missionary Experiences an Omega-3 Miracle

Mr Simmons had lived a pretty stark life as a missionary in overseas countries for decades. In many of those countries it was not safe to drink the water. “I had no choice, I had to drink coke, or fanta, or local chai (tea) full of sugar and I became pre-diabetic and suffered from very high triglycerides and high cholesterol. But I had an aversion to pharmaceutical drugs due to a bad reaction I had to an antibiotic while in India. I just felt the drugs were toxic. I didn’t really study about it too much but just inherently felt that there must be a more natural way.”

Tom Marr on WCBM Wins The Battle Between Prescription Drugs or Omega-3 Fish Oil
Garey returned to the States in 2001 and moved to Baltimore in 2004. After hearing Tom Marr on WCBM radio advertising Res-Q 1250, Garey started a course of Res-Q 1250 in 2005, and did really well lowering his important heart health numbers. So delighted with his results, he launched a sales company promoting Res-Q 1250. “We had several really great years promoting Res-Q 1250 and helped a lot of people with that product,” Garey says.

Success is Not Giving Up
But then in 2011, something changed. “I learned a lot from the folks at N3 Oceanic Inc, the owners of the Res-Q Trademark. However, management decided to change tactics in the way they handled outside sales. We weren’t going to be allowed to discount for seniors, veterans or repeat customers anymore. From the moment I started this foray into wellness, I realized that there are a lot of people on fixed and diminishing incomes, my mother included! I decided to part company with N3, Inc. We needed to be able to do better for our customers. I certainly understand the rationale for N3 to make this type of business decision.  I had thousands of customers to serve and wasn’t going to quit on them. ”

We Needed a RES-Q 1250 Alternative
Mr Simmons went to many natural products industry trade shows to find another source of premium Omega-3 fish oil. Sourcing, pricing, distillation, purity, 3rd party assay certifications were all considered.

Pill Size
“Some people, from time to time, would comment that the 1250 mg pills were a little hard to swallow. It’s the difference between a 24 oblong and 20 oblong.” That’s industry tech speak, where Optimal Health Bridge was able to increase the percentage of the EPA/DHA to 70% and reduce the capsule size to 1000 mg instead of 1250 mg, making it easier to swallow.

More Product, More Value
“We also decided to pack 240 capsules per bottle instead of 200 so our Res-Q 1250 customers would understand that we are in earnest to win their loyalty with a high quality product at a very economical price. This is especially important in this time of economic recession when people just don’t have the same amount of spending power as before.”

Parting Ways was Painful
“Parting ways from Res-Q products was painful for me but people need to understand that at Optimal Health Bridge, we are catering to a lot of retired seniors, veterans and of course we are always going to find ways to reward loyalty. We have give-aways all the time and we aim to be the best at what we do.

Why I so Fervently Promote High Potency Omega-3 Fish Oil As a Basis for a Fresh Start:


Major Savings for Optimal Health Bridge Customers

(Update: In January 2014, I looked back to see what we have saved our clients. We have given over 1200 individual coupon discounts to Seniors amounting to more $20,000 in customer savings. Further, we have gifted coupons to Veterans, over 900 individual discounts with a combined savings of $15,000 in savings to our Veterans. Returning customer loyalty rewards have aggregated to 1500 discounts with a combined savings off retail to the tune of $25,000 in combined savings for returning customers. We are heart centered in more ways than one.)” Click here to see True Omega-3 Pricing

redarrowGrab the latest coupons by clicking and reading “Get a Coupon Here” (It will open a new tab or new window. You won’t lose this page.)

Education is a Must:
Mr Simmons has gone on to further his education, becoming an AFAA certified fitness trainer and completed certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition whose coursework is accredited through Purchase College, NY (SUNY). “We study every nutritional theory and hear from the top doctors and innovators in nutritional health. The Institute covers the gamut of nutritional theories from vegan-ism to paleo-hunter gatherer diets. I hear very similar advice from scores of luminaries, doctors and scientists in the field of nutrition: Walter Willett, Bill Philips, Andrew Weil, Mehmet Oz, Sally Fallon, Barry Sears and Joseph Mercola all agree on at least one thing, that is the value of Omega-3 as part of the daily nutritional intake. It’s essential.”

Click here to see Pricing

Celebrity Doctors Endorse Omega-3 Fish Oil Therapy for a Balanced Approach to Optimal Health.

Top Docs All Recommend Omega-3 Fish Oil as a basic building block of health.

He is also qualified to assist doctors offices in teaching lifestyle education having been trained by Metagenics, a nutraceutical medical food company that is focusing on lifestyle therapy to offset modern chronic illnesses. Mr. Simmons has also been inducted into the Association of Drugless Practitioners.

“We can fix a lot of health problems with tweaks and adjustments to the diet and teaching folks easy ways to get in needed exercise. And of course, the nutritional supplements are the Bridge to get us to Optimal Health. These are truly common sense solutions that hurt no one and help a great many people.” (end of article)

givingWhat’s the Best Way to Get Started?

One of the most popular, most purchased Optimal Health Bridge packages is the 3 pack of True Omega-3 containing a total of 720 capsules. You can find that package here. (It’s $149 of retail value for only $111. This gives a person a 4 month supply even if you take six a day! It’s a 3 month supply if you take eight capsules a day!  A normal dose according to Dr. Barry Sears for a healthy person would be 4 a day. And 6 a day if you have systemic inflammation condition, such as arthritis or heart disease. Many people do very well taking 3 in the morning and 3 in the evening. Cost per capsule: An unbeatable $0.15 per capsule and even less when you use a coupon!)

  • N3 Oceanic’s Res-Q 1250 is a Good Product!

  • Nordic Natural’s Ultimate Omega is a Great Product!

  • But Today We are Selling True Omega-3!

  • Why? Because It Is A Fantastic Product, at an Amazing Value!

How Does True Omega-3 Compare with Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega and N3 Oceanic’s Res-Q 1250?


We are offering a guide to the similarities and differences of three popular fish oils.

Today, you have to consider carefully how you spend your health dollars. Five years ago it was easy to open your wallet and spend without much thought.

In today’s economy, we have to put more analysis into how we spend. I hope this guide is informative. Yes, I sell one of these brands. Yet, I am offering that all three brands are of excellent quality.

Hopefully you will see the value in my offerings. I am a certified fitness instructor and a Integrative Nutritional Health Counselor. The analysis below was written by my partner who was a Rhodes scholar and today teaches medical doctors and coaches clients on practical ways to maintain health, prevent disease and to recover from illness using proactive holistic methods.

We’ve done the research, you get to decide. Click here to see Pricing

True Omega 3

2014-04-24 10.20.22

True Omega 3

I have been a RES-Q 1250 distributor for five years. I have also sold Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega in the past. Here is a fair comparison of all three brands so you can decide which product provides the most value for your health dollars. We have done the Research. We have Superior Quality products. Excellence in customer service is what we do. Let’s me know what I can do to help you.


Res-Q1250 or True Omega-3?TRYTRUE

$20offRes-Q 1250 Users: If you want to try an alternative, CLICK HERE, use Coupon Code TRYTRUE to get $20 off a full size bottle of True Omega-3 240 capsules. (Premium, Pharmaceutical Grade 700 mgs of EPA/DHA in every capsule [400 EPA, 300 DHA] Every capsule.) Then it’s not a matter of reading and believing, but it will be a genuine taste test. Take six capsules a day for 40 days for only $24.00! This is a limited time offer only to Res-Q 1250 users. We’ll earn your trust. Click here. The best way to make a decision is to try various options. This $20 coupon is meant to reduce the pain and solve the problem of finding a Res-Q 1250 alternative.


Res-Q 1250

Offered by n3 Oceanic, Inc.

A fair comparison of all three Premium Omega-3 Fish Oils. All excellent oils and fresh. You can’t go wrong with any of them.

*We used the minimum reported EPA/DHA content for Res-Q. N3, Inc. reports 750- 850 mg per capsule as seasonal adjustments in their product.

Comparing Ultimate Omega, Res-Q 1250 and True Omega 3

by Vaughn Gray, CHC, MA

About a year ago we began thinking about selling another fish oil comparable to Res-Q 1250. Nine months ago we began offering True Omega-3, and thus far the customer reviews have been superb. Due to circumstances beyond our control, we won’t be offering Res-Q 1250 anymore. Here is a simple synopsis to help you compare these three premium Norwegian brands.

Fish oil quality is assessed based on purity, potency, source, freshness, and price. Here is how Ultimate Omega, Res-Q 1250 and True Omega-3 compare:

All three brands undergo molecular distillation, which is the industry standard for removing heavy metals and other toxins from fish oil. All three products exceed international guidelines for purity. All three are processed under the presence of nitrogen instead of oxygen. We couldn’t find exact specifications on levels of lead, mercury, and other toxins for RES-Q or Nordic Naturals, but in True Omega-3 these levels are well under 1 part per billion, which is many thousands of times more pure than international guidelines specify.

The bottom line is that all three products are very safe and purified using the best technology available. All 3 brands exceed the purity standards of California’s Prop 65.

The potency of Omega-3 fish oil is a reflection of the concentration of EPA and DHA in the fish oil. Res-Q 1250 contains an average of 750-850mg of EPA and DHA in a 1250mg capsule. Percentage-wise, this means Res-Q 1250 is 64% EPA and DHA using the average of 800mg. Res-Q says the range is to cover the specs under all fishing conditions throughout the year.

Ultimate Omega contains 550mg of EPA and DHA per 1000mg capsule: 55% EPA and DHA.

True Omega-3 contains 700mg of EPA and DHA in a 1000mg capsule: 70% EPA and DHA. Overall, Res-Q 1250 contains the most grams of Omega 3 per capsule, but True Omega-3 has the highest percentage of EPA and DHA. The industry standard for premium grade fish oil is a minimum of 50% EPA and DHA. All three products surpass this. Four capsules of Res-Q 1250 provides 3.2 grams of EPA and DHA in 5 total grams of fish oil. Five capsules of Ultimate Omega provides 2.75 grams of EPA and DHA in 5.5 total grams of fish oil. Five capsules of True Omega-3 provides 3.5 grams of EPA and DHA in 5 total grams of fish oil.

Oils can go rancid if the utmost care is not exercised. Attention must be paid to the processing, packaging, shipping and storage. Rancid oil does no one any good!

Ultimate Omega, Res-Q 1250 and True Omega-3 are produced in small batches and don’t suffer from long months of storage in warehouses and distribution centers, as most store-bought brands do. All three products are also enhanced with antioxidants to ensure freshness and potency and are among the freshest fish oils you can buy.

Recently we tested a large national bulk retailer’s premium brand. The oil looked good and reported high EPA/DHA content, but was absolutely rancid. It caused gagging and regurgitation. Dr Mercola did similar testing on another large national bulk retailer and found similar problems with rancidity. Do not buy oil that is packed in clear see through bottles. Light will cause the oils to become rancid in a short amount of time.

In today’s market, oils are sourced from around the world. You have to follow the chain of authority all the way back to the source to ensure the source of the oils. We do that for True Omega-3 oils.

The Bottom Line:

Ultimate Omega, Res-Q 1250 and True Omega-3 are all superb quality fish oils. You simply can’t go wrong with any of these brands. Because of contractual difficulties we are no longer able to offer RES-Q 1250. We chose not to offer Ultimate Omega because of their $69.95 price tag for a 180 capsule bottle. Instead, we have chosen to introduce you to True Omega-3 – an Optimal Health Bridge exclusive. Someone is selling Nordics line and it’s available at Whole Foods and Amazon.com.

We are offering True Omega-3 at extraordinary low prices. High grade, premium fish oil truly saves lives. By discounting True Omega-3 well below other premium fish oil we hope to do our part in making this essential supplement more affordable, more accessible and more popular. We are debuting our 240 count bottles of True Omega-3 at price points well below Res-1250’s 200 count or Ultimate Omega’s 180 count bottles. This way you get more fish oil at a better price point. We want as many people as possible to begin taking True Omega-3 and enjoying the benefits today. We’re also offering handsome loyalty incentives and additional discounts for Seniors and Veterans. We’ve done everything possible to bring you the best quality fish oil we have ever seen at an phenomenal price.

√ Yes Garey, I want to protect my heart health and believe as you do that Omega-3s are a key contributing factor to optimal health! I understand you are also the only company that offers 100% full money back guarantee on every single purchase I make with you, no questions asked. I understand you use your own products. I will put you to the test.

True Omega-3: In stock and ready for shipment.

Garey Simmons is on a Mission:

My Mission is to share life changing, common sense health solutions to alleviate, mitigate and negate chronic, modern illnesses and disease.I want you to feel better fast, live longer, live healthier and enjoy life more.The only way things can change is to take action. I am here to help you do just that. The philosophy is tried and proven. The technology is avant-garde. The promises are bold, the results are outstanding! Thousands of clients have already benefited, now it’s your turn.

Please use your mouse and select Your Discount: (USE COUPON CODE: WELCOME for a 10% Discount)

Buy 1 Bottle (240 capsules) for $44 only Reg. Price: $56.00 Save: $12.00. Compare: 20 % more than RES-Q 1250 and 25% more than Nordic Natural Ultimate Omega. Higher potency too! Only $39.60 with coupon WELCOME. (16.5 cents per capsule.)

Buy 2 Bottles for $42 each ($84) Reg. Price: $112.00 Save: $38.00 Compare: 20 % more than 2 RES-Q 1250 and 25% more than Nordic Natural Ultimate Omega. Higher potency too! Only $75.60 with coupon WELCOME (15.75 cents per capsule.)

Buy 3 Bottles for $37 each ($111) Reg. Price: $168.00 Save: $57.00 20% more than 3 RES-Q 1250 and 25% more than Nordic Natural Ultimate Omega. Higher potency too! Only $99.90 with coupon WELCOME (13.8 cents per capsule.)

Buy 6 Bottles for $31 each ($186) Reg. Price: $336.00 Save: $150.00. Compare: 20% more than 6 RES-Q 1250 and 25% more than Nordic Natural Ultimate Omega. Higher potency too! Only $167 with coupon WELCOME (11.62 cents per capsule.)

Wholesale Pricing for 12 and up. Buy 12 Bottles for $29 each ($348) Reg. Price: $672.00 Save: $324.00. Compare: 20% more than 12 RES-Q 1250 and 50% more than Nordic Natural Ultimate Omega. Higher potency too! Only $313 with coupon code WELCOME (10.8 cents per capsule.)

autodeliveryproductsolutionsNote regarding auto ship products: Any of our products can be ordered on the Auto Ship Convenience Program. If you don’t find your favorite products listed below, then just get in touch and we will set up the products you need on this Convenience program.

Free Shipping with Auto ShipautosymbolMost Popular Auto Delivery Convenience Packages

With Free Shipping

True Omega-3 – Monthly Plans

Ω Basic


/month *Free Shipping

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Ω Pro


/month *Free Shipping

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400/300 EPA/DHA


Normal Dose

Ω Therapeutic


/month *Free Shipping

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Eight A Day
240 Capsules


70% Concentrate


400/300 EPA/DHA


Therapeutic Dose


autosymbolTherapeutic Plans:True Omega-3

Order: 1 Bottle 240 Capsules Monthly (8 per day) $39.00

Order: 3 Bottles Every 3 Months (8 per day) $99.00

Order: 3 Bottles Every 4 Months (6 per day) $99.00

A parting thought for you. Change only can take place by doing something! If you don’t change you won’t change. Set your goals and intentions clearly, it helps to write them down, and then take “right actions” that will cause the change to happen! That is success. I would like you to try my product, of course. But you can go to Costco or Walmart and buy cheap supplements. But you won’t find me there. GNC might have a 23 year old working the cash register but can they coach you and guide you? I am in this with all my heart. You can count me as a “trusted adviser” and “trusted source.” Thank you for taking time to study this guide.

Best in health,

Garey Simmons

Native Tribal

Native Tribal Inuit – The Original Omega-3 Champions

The Inuit of Greenland were studied by scientists in the 1970s to determine why there was very little heart disease amongst the native population. The determination was their diet held the secret: High fat diet consisting of fish and whale blubber. About 33% or 1/3 of the native diet was fat. This led scientists to begin to examine the fats they were consuming. Now we understand it’s the Omega-3 fatty acids that supports heart health protection.

The American Heart Association is quoted on their website, “Omega-3 fatty acids benefit the heart of healthy people, and those at high risk of, or who have, cardiovascular disease.“ This means in essence that Omega-3 fish oil benefits everyone whether in good health, at risk of heart disease or have a diagnosis heart disease. Everyone benefits.


17 Responses to Res-Q 1250 vs True Omega-3, A Comparison:

  1. C says:

    Garey, I have read the information on the comparison and would like to continue my regular shipment if possible with out interruption . please RSVP me at the above e-mail address. That was 4 bottles every 4 months. The comparison looks good, and I’ll switch if necessary.

  2. C says:


  3. W. says:

    Garey and Marci,
    I WANT TO CONTINUE WITH YOUR PRODUCTS — I will REPLACE 1250 WITH YOURS? I have three daughters on 1250
    Should all four of us add Krill ?
    – Show quoted text -

    • admin says:

      Hi Walter, You have keen insight Walter. I will call you tomorrow. Krill Oil has its place. It’s faster acting to enter the bloodstream and also has an antioxidant property that premium fish oil doesn’t. We’ll talk about it.

  4. P. says:

    Hi Gary,
    I am concerned that the True Omega does not have “lemon” added. In the past, I have taken a number of Omega supplements. I stayed with the ResQ 1250 because sometimes it ‘repeats’ on me and the ResQ has a lemony taste/smell. The Fishy ones make me gag and feel nauseated. So, how does the True Omega due in that respect?
    Thank you.

    • admin says:

      Hi Priscilla,

      Thanks for writing about your concerns about the lemon washing of 1250 vs. natural True Omega-3. I have tested this oil for about 11 months now and have not yet once had a fish burp. I think the only time it could ever happen is if a person ate something that was gassy to begin with and took some capsules along with something that already gassy. I take mine first thing in the morning and just before bed. No problems.

      I understand the concern though, and I do believe that fish burps associated with food grade fish oil is the primary reason most people don’t continue with fish oil. It’s a real shame. I think you will be happy with True Omega-3.


  5. Susan says:

    Hi Gary,
    This is my second email, not sure if you received my other one from a different website. I am a 53 year young female who has ordered the Res-Q products from you before you discontinued them. I just recently had my yearly physical with blood work-up. My good cholesterol was good, but the bad was a little high. The following is what I was taking. Res-Q1250 – 2 in the AM, LDLX-2 with niacin- 1 in the AM, Vitamin C 500mg. 1 in the AM – Resveratrol 1 in the AM. Can you please advise which of your new products and dosages you think would benefit me to keep me heart healthy and my cholesterol under control. I am 5’2″ tall 120 pounds, exercise daily with bike riding 3-4 times a week 7.5 miles and lift weights 2 times a week for 30 minutes. No other health problems to date.
    Thanking you in advance.

  6. al billinger says:

    you mentioned discounts for veterans and senior citizens ..I am both…what are the discounts….?

  7. Jack kenney says:

    Any discounts available for seniors?.thanks.jack

    • Garey Simmons, CHC says:

      Yes Jack! WE are especially happy to take care of our seniors and veterans. We have a significant discount available to seniors. I have sent the coupon code to use to your email address.

      Be well,

      Garey Simmons

  8. Bernie says:

    Glad to read your position regarding significant discount available to seniors and veterans as I am both?

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