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Garey Simmons

Heart Disease remains the No. 1 cause of American deaths. The causes of heart disease are primarily lifestyle issues featuring poor diet, over use of sugars and high glycemic carbohydrates and lack of exercise. Much of the lifestyle issues can be rectified with improving nutritional intake. Dr. Barry Sears calls Omega-3s the 15 second heart disease remedy. There are multitudes of benefits from taking even a small dose of Omega-3s daily. At the heart of February’s Heart Awareness month we are featuring a special on a High DHA Omega-3 product that contains 500 mg of DHA and 250 mg of EPA. The regular price for a 90 count bottle is $34.95 and for the month of February is only $19.95 or 4 bottles for only 78.90! 

Now you can add defense of liver health to the long list of benefits from taking High DHA Omega-3. Read more…

BenefitsOmega-3Benefits Abound!

February Special 45% OFF Premium High DHA Omega-3!

High DHA Omega-3Save $15.00 off $34.95 

75% Omega-3 Concentration. DHA 500 mg / EPA 250 mgs
Specifically designed for brain function and mood support! May Also Be Used in Prenatal Care.
On Sale in February 2013
: 90 soft gels of High DHA Omega-3 (Reg. $34.95) only $19.95! Save $15!

 Buy 4 Bottles (360 Capsules) for only $79.80

High DHA Omega-3High DHA Omega-3High DHA Omega-3High DHA Omega-3Save $60

(Offer ends February 28, 2013

Buy 5 Bottles for $99.75   Certified cGMP, Exceeds Prop 65 Compliance.

High DHA Omega-3High DHA Omega-3 Buy Two Bottles for $39.90 (Total 180 Soft gel Capsules)

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Garey Simmons is a certified health coach, dietary supplement expert and a member of the American Association of Drug-less Practitioners. Garey turned his health challenges around in just a few months by using Omega-3 oils and other vitamins and supplements, by becoming aware about nutritional remedies to lifestyle issues. Garey is a graduate of the New York Institute of Integrative Nutrition. Garey lives in Baltimore, MD.

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