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Healthy Digestion Kit

Healthy Digestion Pack

Healthy Digestion Pack


$29.95 for a one month supply of Digestive Enzymes and Probiotics.


Only $25 per pack when you buy 3 packs.

Auto* Ship Quarterly 3 Healthy Digestion Kits for only $69.99



Do  You Know the 4 Secrets to a Healthy Digestion?

Normally, we gain a few pounds over the holidays. It’s kind of natural and no one thinks too much about it. However, there is a better way.

Get your Gut Health Fixed Now!  Some folks have trouble all year round with over consumption or with food allergies. Interestingly, if food allergies are severe, it’s easier to identify, isolate and find a remedy. If food allergies are mild or subtle, you can go for years feeling “not the best” yet never able to identify or resolve low level allergies. 

Recent studies indicate there are many more people allergic to dairy and gluten than previously thought. I have had a life long allergy to milk and never realized it until I did a two week cleanse. Having been off milk, coffee, and wheat products for two weeks, I slowly introduced these foods and within 2 hours of having dairy I realized that my sinuses were blocking up. Now I know. Lay off the milk. I switched to Almond Milk for my super green shakes and am much better off. 

Digestion Tips:

1. Double the amount of water you drink. It is still the best zero calorie drink out there. Drink at least 8 oz. before you still down to any social meals. This will help you to feel fuller and not eat so much.

2. Recognize the difference between gut hunger and cravings of the mouth. If your mouth is watering and tells you to eat, just take a couple of seconds to check in with your stomach and see what it’s telling you. You may already be full!

3. As busy as life is, the one thing you do not want to neglect is exercise. Even 90 seconds of exercise can do a lot to help the metabolism. Even on a bathroom break you can lean into the wall and do wall push ups, exercising your shoulder girdle, biceps, triceps and deltoids. Try it for 90 seconds and see if you can get  a burn going. They’re easy to do.

4. Watch the Stress Level: Exercise also relieves stress. How about a walk after dinner with a relative or an out of town guest? Take time for family, take time for yourself. The dishes will be there when you get back.

5. What’s your favorite holiday healtful tip? Let me know: Garey@ohb3.com