Take a hike!

It doesn’t really matter where you live on planet earth, there are beautiful places to explore within 15 minutes of where you live.

The chart below chronicles our hike last Sunday near the Liberty Reservoir near Baltimore.  You can share your outdoor hiking and fitness stories below or email me at Garey@ohb3.com


Garey Simmons

Garey Simmons spent 3 decades in Missions work. After a stark heart disease risk factor diagnosis, became interested in holistic health, began espousing the benefits of essential oils, attended the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. He founded Optimal Health Bridge in 2006 in order to help people over 50 come to grips with aging and chronic disease issues. His nationally recognized book "How to Improve Your Health Fast" is for sale on Amazon as a downloadable Kindle book. As a business owner, Garey speaks at networking events and groups sharing lessons he's learned in business and using best practices to achieve success.

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