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*Note Newly Added Products to the List

Here is a LIST of the products that have been put on extreme sale, clearance, etc, etc.

It’s 45% off any of these products.
Find you a product you want to try and order 1, 2, or 3 of each.
Get a remarkable 45% off the very low below retail prices.
Some are below wholesale!



45 MARCH 2, 2013 MARCH 16, 2013

Remember the code: MARCH-MADNESS

Newly Added:

IW: Whey Protein 2 lbs.Vanilla or Chocolate  $39.99— $19.97
IW: Muscle Builder 810gms $49.95— $27.95

*Note: These two products have an extra s/h fee due to bulk weight.
*No sugar used in these products, sweetened with Stevia, a natural zero calorie sweetener.

Tip: Make a seperate order for any other products and use your regular % off coupons.
This coupon, March-Madness, cannot be combined with other coupons.

Product Name  Take 45% off Listed Price
Acai Antioxidant Berry Capsules 600 mgs 60 capsules Reg. $34.95 each Most recommended antioxidant. $19.95— $10.97
Aids in digestion of heavy meals. $19.95— $10.97  
Probiotic in a mild form for easy use. $19.95— $10.97  
$77.95— $42.87  
Vitamin D3 enhanced Calcium  $9.00 —$4.95  
Protects and eliminates Candida Yeast Infection  $12.00— $6.60  
Use for UTI  $14.00— $7.70  
Cleanse the colon with this easy to use capsule.  $14.00—-$7.70  
Psyllium husks for regularity.  $12.00— $6.60  
Use for liver support.  $14.00 —$7.70  
Dr. Oz recommended weight loss ingredient.  $29.95— $16.47  
Our least expensive price ever for Green Tea extract  $15.00— $8.25  
Use Vitamin E as an antioxidant.  $9.00—- $4.95  
This is 8 hours of energy without any crash.  $14.99— $8.25  
Take 2 hours before bed, and find yourself falling to sleep easily.  $12.00— $6.60  
Use this for Liver Detoxification and Support  $9.00— $4.95  
Use for low thryroid condition. Nutritional Supplement targeted for thyroid.  $12.00— $6.60  

$24.97 each Unique Blend of several major antioxidants.


MARCH-MADNESS is the coupon code to gets these low prices!

 $24.97 —$13.72



MARCH-MADNESS is the coupon code to get these discounted prices.





Garey Simmons

Garey Simmons spent 3 decades in Missions work. After a stark heart disease risk factor diagnosis, became interested in holistic health, began espousing the benefits of essential oils, attended the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. He founded Optimal Health Bridge in 2006 in order to help people over 50 come to grips with aging and chronic disease issues. His nationally recognized book "How to Improve Your Health Fast" is for sale on Amazon as a downloadable Kindle book. As a business owner, Garey speaks at networking events and groups sharing lessons he's learned in business and using best practices to achieve success.

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