DHA Omega-3 Reduces Liver Fibrosis Risks by 65%, study says…

A particular omega-3 fatty acid has been found to be a powerful weapon against liver inflammation and fibrosis, which are becoming increasingly common as the number of overweight Americans continues to rise.
Researchers at Oregon State University have found that the omega-3 acid known as DHA — short for docosahexaenoic acid — reduces proteins involved in the development of liver fibrosis by more than 65 percent and, as a result, may be a potent weapon in the prevention of the disease. A second type of omega-3 — EPA, short for eicosapentaenoic acid — had comparatively little effect on preventing the fibrosis, or scarring.

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Garey Simmons

Garey Simmons spent 3 decades in Missions work. After a stark heart disease risk factor diagnosis, became interested in holistic health, began espousing the benefits of essential oils, attended the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. He founded Optimal Health Bridge in 2006 in order to help people over 50 come to grips with aging and chronic disease issues. His nationally recognized book "How to Improve Your Health Fast" is for sale on Amazon as a downloadable Kindle book. As a business owner, Garey speaks at networking events and groups sharing lessons he's learned in business and using best practices to achieve success.

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