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Garey-Omega3Customer service issues are handled lovingly and gently with great care by Marci at


If Marci doesn’t answer, leave a message and she will get back to you.Just fill up the form below and you will get a personal response from Garey or Marci.

Customer Service Number: (443) 450-4413 Address:1539 Merritt Blvd #142 Baltimore, MD 21222
Toll Free Message Line: 24/7 – (877)-572-3444. Please leave a clear message for a call back if no one picks up.

It could take as little as an hour or up to 48 hours if it’s the weekend or holidays. We are usually pretty darn quick!Garey Simmons, Your Health Sherpa One of our intrinsic values is good communication. Yes, we are real people here at OptimalHealthBridge. Many of you have remarked that you like doing business with us because we are human, personable and we always take responsibility of any given circumstance or situation. Nothing in business goes perfectly well all the time. However, we will always address your perspective with respect, courtesy and compassion. We know life can be tough, especially dealing with issues as complicated as health, yet one of the key results of good communication is the forming of personal relationships. We value you as the heart of this business. Let us know know if we did a good job or a bad job, whether you are happy or sad, whether we fulfilled our promises or disappointed you. I already know we are batting about .998, so I am convinced we can solve your problem too! Let me know how I can serve you better! Warm regards, Garey Simmons If there  is something urgent, call the toll free line and ask them to get in touch with me. If I am available I will take the call, otherwise your message will be delivered to me and I will do my best to get back to you with speed! The 24/7 Toll Free Operators are at 877-572-3444

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