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Get Healthy! Optimal Health Bridge

  • Sexy Idea!

      Creating an elegant, healthy life for yourself. Can you see it? Can you feel it? Can you touch it? Good Health is Formulaic There’s not much mystery surrounding health… I know there are rare…
  • July 17, 2015

    Amazing Ageless Antioxidants

    Get a bottle of Amazing Ageless Antioxidants for literally free! Amazing Ageless Antioxidants   $24.95 Now $14.95 Plus You'll Get $14.95 Store Credit. Click here.
  • July 16, 2015

    Press Release True Omega-3 Baltimore, MD, USA – WEBWIRE – Wednesday, July 15, 2015 True Omega-3 240 Now on Amazon and available with 2 day shipping! Ships from Amazon.…
  • Optimal Health and True Freedom

    Celebrating Freedom We're celebrating freedom this weekend. Some with music, some with food, some with fireworks. For those who have soldiers in hot zones, it's going to be a long weekend. For those…
  • June 28, 2015

    How Cool Are You?

    'How Cool Are You' Exercise A Healthy Exercise in Human Psychology! All to often we 'fall into the gap.' That is, we tend to only see what's wrong with this picture. Most people, but not all, feel…
  • June 22, 2015

    Omega-3 Fish Oil and Heart Disease

    Sam wrote, "Thanks for the follow-up Garey.  All is good. BTW, I have a success story for you.  I started taking the True Omega 3 .  Then after several months I changed my diet to paleo and also…
  • June 18, 2015

    Father’s Day Part II

    Let's start this with some hip hop entertainment! In honor of dads everywhere: Now, I was touched last evening with an early Father's Day dinner invitation from 3 of my kids. We went to a favorite…
  • June 6, 2015

    Coke’s New Personalization and Marketing Campaign

    Coke's Personalization Stunt View this email in your browser Clean Your Car Battery Instead! Coke will kill you! Katja Langholz F***** coke… one of our closest friends who has been drinking coke…
  • April 15, 2015

    Simple Ways to Promote Heart Health

    Simple Ways to Promote a Healthy Heart and Lower Your Risks of Heart Disease Number 1 - Awareness: These are the Controllable Coronary Artery Disease Contributing Factors. These are the factors that…
  • April 15, 2015

    Mental Attitude Affects Heart Health?

    Part 2 of Series: Can My Mental Attitudes Really Affect My Heart Health? Simple Ways to Promote a Healthy Heart and Lower Your Risks of Heart Disease "As a Man Thinketh, So is He" - WILLIAM JAMES…
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