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Your Momma may have said it. Or your Grandma: “An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.” That’s what the Amazing Antioxidants are all about.
  • Epicor has been studied extensively over the last few years and has clinically proven benefits of increasing immunity significantly to colds, flu and even helps with allergies.
Antioxidants are compounds our bodies need to fight off the effects of toxins, pollution, free radicals and even natural aging. In the past few years, several potent antioxidants have been brought to market. While Vitamin C and Vitamin E have been the most studied in the last few decades, these new powerhouses have been shown in clinical studies to be highly effective: Epicor, Resveratrol 250, Acai Berry Antioxidant and Green Tea Extract.
  • Now some folks believe you can get the antioxidants you need from eating fruit. That is true but it may not be concentrated enough and too much fruit will increase your blood sugar levels which can overload the pancreas.
  • Better to get the benefits from an easy to take protocol without spiking your blood sugar.
Once we priced these packages, we decided to add Green Tea Extract as a bonus.
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